The village Navacelles

According to history, the River La Vis for some 20.000 years used to meander through, but over many years some of the river bed has dried up changing the river's course, shaping the rocks until a beautiful 12 meter high waterfall appeared. This geological phenomenon dates from approximately 6000 years ago.


Around the 10th century the village has been built on either side of the waterfall ans was named Nova Cella, which later changed into Navacelles. The monks from St. Guilhem le Desert had the enormous task of making the terraces on the steep sides of the valley.


A beautiful bridge dating from the 18th century connects the two river banks of the river La Vis,


The area of Cirque de Navacelles became popular once again since a few decades and is currently visited by ten thousands of tourists a year.


Navacelles has only 20 permanent residents.

The waterfall and river are the perfect place to linger and refresh. There is a lodge and a pub.  And multiple restaurants a short distance away.

The nearest places with amenities i.e. supermarket, post office, theatre, cinema and hospital are in Lodeve, Le Vigan and Ganges.

There is no grocery store in the village.


An hours walk away, through the valley, you will find the re-source of the river La Vis. The two watermills, originally from the 11th century were built to ground the grains into flour.  


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